Fruits - Mouthwateringly Scrumptious
Juicy, Sweet or Tangy

Fruits are rich in nutrients essential for health and longevity. Not just vitamins and minerals, but thousands of compounds that the body uses for proper functioning and to help prevent disease.

Have you ever considered what life would be like without fruits? Here's a great little video about fruit and their nutritional importance.

They are all around us so we tend to take them for granted. We also hear news stories about the medicinal benefits of all kinds of exotic fruits and berries, but tend to overlook the goodness in the fruits we are accustomed to eating every day.

It is well known that fruits contain many vitamins and essential nutrients that are necessary for healthy living. However, the importance of the other compounds in fruits has not been recognized until recently.

Research today reveals that vitamins and minerals are only a small number of the compounds in fruits. Basic scientific research has now revealed that there are other qualities of fruits that are just as important as vitamins. Some of the other important compounds are explained are explained in more detail further into this site.

The complete list of compounds present in fruits and vegetables is still unknown. However, the medicinal benefits from eating fruits have been gaining more recognition in the last 2-3 decades. Based on the research taking place, more evidence is being found that is identifying an increasing number of the compounds they contain that are beneficial to human health.

The health benefits of fruit nutrients are no longer seen as being from just vitamins A, C, D and E but rather from a complex array of compounds. These compounds are working in processes that are still being discovered and that are yet to be completely understood.

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