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Nutritious Fruit is all about bringing you useful information on fruit, their history, how they are used and consumed, and their nutritional value as part of a healthy diet.

Hi, Phillip here, thanks for visiting my page. I am the publisher of NutritiousFruit.com where my primary goal is to provide information about fruit and their nutritional benefits to readers based on research from online sources.

I'm fortunate to have several mature fruit trees at my home including grapefruit, lemon, tangelo peach and guavaberry. It's great to see them grow every year and even better when they ripen :).

Like many people, I am concerned about having a healthy diet and getting enough vitamins and minerals. I'm no exception to having family members affected by the results of unhealthy diet and lifestyle, including heart disease and cancer.

With masses of information and misinformation bombarding all of us on a daily basis I will endeavor to bring well researched information about fruit and their nutritional benefits to this website. 

If you have any comments, including topics you would like us to cover or questions, feel free to let me know by using the Contact Us page.

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