Exotic Fruit List Stars

Adding exotic fruits from my exotic fruit list to your diet could be the smartest thing you’ll ever do. The stars among them I mention here. So many others come to mind. I've expanded the information on these and included many more in an e-book entitled "Reference Guide on Exotic Fruits".

When you think of “exotic fruits,” you probably think of lychee , kiwi fruit , passion fruit , and coconuts , but these have now become common in America despite their origins in exotic locations. A whole world of exotic fruits you may never even have heard of is out there, and modern research is beginning to discover what traditional medicine already knew. Fruits from my exotic fruit list can improve your health, sometimes in miraculous ways.

Fruits from around the world have been used by different civilisations for millenia. They range from the fabulous pomegranate from the far east, the amazing acerola cherry from Central and South America and the incredible mangosteen , probably originating from South West Asia.

I hope you learn enough to take a chance with new tastes, textures and smells. You would just have to try about two of these a month to travel around the world at your kitchen table in a year; and have a taste of good health to boot. I know you might not find all of these exotic fruits easily but you could challenge yourself to apply what you’ve learned.

For example, you could look to try to include the high antioxidant levels of the aronia berry in a juice blend or in a jam. Don't overlook the potency of the guava for it's wide ranging nutritional benefits or for that matter, the crazy looking horned melon for its iron content.

Be your own researcher; decide how you can find your next antioxidant, whether in the supermarket’s produce section or canned or dried at the nearest specialty store. You may even find it in a supplement you find in the herbal isle, although fresh is best. The one exception is perhaps the noni when you may need to take a peg! Perhaps you could even grow one or two from my exotic fruit list it in your own backyard.

Good health comes in many tastes, colors, shapes and sizes. Look around to give a boost to your health today.