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This easy to read 68 page e-book has been written to provide answers to the important questions you need to know about vitamins and why you need to ensure you get them in your daily diet. If you are not eating a variety of at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day you need to read on...

  • Are you suffering any of the symptoms of vitamin deficiency
  • What vitamins are right for you?
  • Are you not getting enough vitamins?
  • Do you have health problems?
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Allow yourself to imagine waking up tomorrow, not tired and wanting to curl back up in the warmth and comfort of your bed, but feeling rested and full of energy ready to take on the new day. What if you could feel like this every day?

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A nutritious and balanced diet that provides the essential vitamins you need for health and vitality only requires some knowledge, that I will provide you with here, and your willingness to take action and provide yourself with the nutrients that you need every day.

You might be asking: Why this guide on vitamins when there is so much information available online?

Simple. If you have tried searching for relevant information about vitamins then you will know there are a myriad of sources and it takes a lot of time to discover the information you want.

What I have done is save you the time and trouble by answering 5 common questions about all 13 essential vitamins.

In fact it’s taken many hours of work to compile and condense down the information into a succinct, helpful and easy to read summary of the most wanted information on essential vitamins.

And in addition I've uncovered the answers to a number of interesting things...

  • Discover why plant nutrients are lower than they used to be
  • Can vitamin supplements be beneficial?
  • What are your increased health risks if you don't get enough of each vitamin?
  • Learn about interrelationships between some vitamins and minerals that demonstrate why you can't consider a vitamin in isolation
  • What is the irony in artificially fortifying common cereals with vitamins?

Introducing: "Essential Vitamins For Health & Vitality"

I have just published a brand new guide on "Essential Vitamins For Health & Vitality". Best of all it's a pdf guide so as soon as you sign up today you get it delivered instantly on the next page. That means you can start benefiting from learning the answers to the important questions about each of the 13 essential vitamins in just minutes from now!

When you get your hands on this, you'll discover:

  • What is it? A brief discussion of what makes up each vitamin. Often there will be several compounds that make up this category of vitamin. A table containing good food sources for each vitamin including the serving size and the amount of vitamin in each serving.
  • How does it work? Includes getting an understanding of how the vitamin is absorbed and any important interrelationships with other vitamins and minerals that may either assist or inhibit absorption.
  • How much do you need? Includes a table showing the recommended daily allowance from the FDA split into age and sex categories and including pregnancy and breastfeeding. Also you will find a table showing the upper tolerance limits recommended. It’s important to know that some vitamins can be toxic if taken to excess.
  • What if you don’t get enough? The main thrust of the section of to highlight the unfavorable consequences of not getting sufficient amounts of each vitamin. Here I also cover conditions that can lead to a rapid loss of the vitamin in your body, eg. certain illnesses, medicines and treatments.
  • How does it help you? Here I outline for you the common conditions that each vitamin helps protect your body against. These include common health concerns and serious diseases. Here are just a few of the conditions that vitamins can protect you against:
    • Heart disease and stroke
    • PMS
    • Night blindness
    • Migraines
    • Age spots and wrinkles
    • Radiation damage
    • Male sexual disorders
    • Hair loss
    • High cholesterol
    • Hemorrhoids
    • Low sperm count
    • Cold sores and shingles

And of course, that's not all:

  • A common mistake that many dieters and those who are fasting have in common
  • Important considerations for athletes and those who exercise a lot
  • Vegans and raw food dieters need to take care they don’t miss out on these essential vitamins because of their food choices
  • The risks of reduced vitamin absorption associated with some drugs - Aspirin - Warfarin - oral contraceptives
  • The vitamin that prevents the formation of carcinogens from the nitrates used in some cured meats and reduces the damage from polluted air, including cigarette smoke
  • Other common chemicals and compounds you may be using everyday can also reduce vitamin levels in the body without you knowing. Here are just a few examples:
    • Chlorine in the drinking water
    • Air pollution
    • Low fat diets

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