The Perfect Fruit Juice?

A Special ReportWhat MonaVie's Fruits Add To Your Daily Nutrition

"After drinking this juice for the last 12 months I thought I really need to share what I know about it with people who have an interest in improving the nutrition of both themselves and their families..."

Sixty percent of western populations are overweight but many of these people are lacking in essential nutrients. Numerous publications have examined the reasons for this including trends to eat fast food and their commercial promotion, food production methods and the use of artificial chemicals to stimulate growth of food products.

"What is absolutely clear from numerous scientific studies is that diets rich in fruits and vegetables can reduce the risks of chronic disease."

What is also obvious is that you need to take control of your own nutrition. Nobody is going to do it for you!

Here's what I have uncovered and what I will share with you in my 34 page special report.

I set myself some criteria to evaluate the product that I thought would be helpful to others considering whether to supplement their daily diet.

* The taste test - of course this is subjective but in several taste tests I have conducted at least 90% of the people drinking it loved it. Of the 300 odd people who tasted it only a small number were children, but without exception they liked the taste and wanted more. These tests were conducted at fitness centers including some with swimming pools.

* The nutrient content. There are several factors I considered here including: the labeled contents and the ORAC score ( a measure of its antioxidant strength).

* A review of all 19 of the different fruits contained in the juice including their nutrients and medicinal uses. I have included photos as well because fruits look so good! (Maybe because we all know they taste so good.)